2nd Annual San Juan Trash Shuffle

March 9th, 2024

     The 2nd Annual San Juan Trash Shuffle saw 70+ participants from multiple states show up to clean up New Mexico's most popular fishing destination. As a group we split up and cleaned from Cable Hole (Bor) down to Abe's Bridge. We cleared trash out from the parking lots, river front, and roadsides. Our participants filled up 2 1/2 dumpsters full of trash and debris. Besides the usual beer bottles, cans, shotgun shells, fishing line, and worm boxes, our volunteers found many exciting and unique items. Some items that stood out were: an old cart made of wood and steel, 5 tires, 4 chairs, a duck decoy, a gas tank, and a bumper. The winner of most unique item this year, an intact roll of quarters found along the river. 

We would like to extend a special thank you to the donors that donated prizes for the trash clean up as well as the organizers:


John Swartz, for donating Greys rods, reels, and hats


Ross Kingsley, for donating items from Fishpond, Grundens, and others.


Gary from San Juan Rod Works, for the Gunnison Rod


Amanita, from Galvan Fly Reels for donating a Rush Light 5


Doug Garvey, for donating the Scientific Anglers Lines


Scott Harkins, for donating the Simms Freestone Backpack


Davis Murane, for donating the Umpqua 650 Overlook Pack


Anthony Marese, for donating FullingMill fly Boxes


John with Mocassin Fly Club, for bringing snacks and the Mocassin Fly Club and Lid Rig gear





      Most importantly we would like to thank all of the participants for taking a Saturday to come and help us clean up. We saw this event grow from around 30 participants last year to over 70 this year. We had people from groups like New Mexico Trout, Multiple Trout Unlimited Chapters, Project Healing Waters, etc. There were guides that took the day to help us clean from About Trout, Fishheads, Rainbow Trout Lodge, etc. Also, the folks from the San Juan Fly Fishing Federation. Terrell Kosea for photographing the event for us. 

Here are some of the names of the volunteers:

Joselinn G.

Dustin B.

Steve J.

James H.

John E.

John H.

David G.

Jon H.

Nyleen J.

Ben D.

PD. Q.

Terrell K.

Jim K.

Sabine M.

Seth C. 

Steven K.

Lena N.

Sadie M. 

Steve G.

Thomas S.

Lena V.


Buffy N,

Eric N.

Don F.

Kelsie H.

Robert R.

Flint J.

Jackson M.

David G.

Kimberly D.

Breden M.

Joe R. 

Monisha B.

Arthur E.

Ken T. 

Justin M.

Adrian A.

Indy N.

Scott W.

Claire C.

David F.

Mike V.


Marcie A.

Bruce N.

Jeff M.

Roy T.

Troy T.

Skylar J.

Dave T.

Levon G.

Brad S.

Aaron T.

Eddie H.

Scott E.

Roy M.

Chris W. 

Pauline E.

JJ N. 

Kyle M.

John K.

Kelly G.

Tomoko V.

Norman M.

     There were many who came and didn't put their names down as well. Thank you to all of you for coming and making this a fantastic event. We wish we didn't have to organize events like this, but it was amazing to see everyone that showed up to help out and make an impact on one of New Mexico's most valuable resources. We are already working on the plans for the 3rd Annual San Juan Trash Shuffle.