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Lightning Strike Football Indicators with Gasket - SM White

Lightning Strike Football Indicators with Gasket - SM White

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Will the aerodynamic design of Lightning Strike Football Indicators with Gasket suddenly make you cast your fly like QB Patrick Mahomes throws a TD strike? No! But the football shape will drag less in water than other float indicators and help you catch more fish! Lightning Strike hard foam indicators are easy to put on and take off, which is such a great advantage if you're the type who moves a lot and has to adjust the depth range of your fly. Fit your leader into the groove, take hold of the leader and the contrasting fluorescent gasket at each end, and twist on/off. There is never a need to remove your fly, and Football Indicators lock tightly to fine leaders. Say goodbye to the waste and the gummed lines of adhesive tab indicators! Lightning Strike Indicators are offered in four sizes to suit fishing needs ranging from small midges to extra-large 1-inch flies and split shot. Catch more fish with the buoyant, highly visible, tight-holding Lightning Strike Football Indicators with Gasket! Touchdown!

  • Football shape casts further and floats with less drag
  • Hi-viz dual fluorescent colors
  • Adjustable and reusable
  • Holds tightly to fine leaders
  • Qty. per Pack: 4
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