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Ron Kless' Spey Casting Demo Saturday 8/19

Ron Kless' Spey Casting Demo Saturday 8/19

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Come Join Ron for a Spey Casting Demonstration

You will learn the single and double spey casting methods. Originally designed in the early 1800's for the river Spey in Scotland. The methods have evolved from the original heavy wooden rods. New materials allow this to be an enjoyable art form of casting that most people can try. This form of casting works was developed for steep banks, or when you have no room for a back cast. It can be used for all types of fly fishing. Dry, Dry dropper, strike indicator fish, streamer and the applications  are endless.  There are two main casts that will be demonstrated, the single and double spey. These two casts are the basic mechanics for all other spey casting. Northwest Skagit, Norwegian and a host of other variations.This method can be used for river or lake and whatever size of fish species you're targeting usually. In the past 20 years spey casting has become very popular for trout fishing. Whether you're fishing large or small rivers this casting method will be very efficient. Just think you're fishing the Chama river one week and fishing for large salmon or steelhead next week in the Northwest. You upsize your gear, but the same casting methods are used. Your timing is slightly different to compensate for the larger weight gear.

The class will feature Hardy and Greys Spey casting equipment ranging from 11 ft switch rods to 14ft spey rods. The rods will be 3-6wt and a pleasure to cast. So if you're interested this demonstration is on the water in Rio Rancho. It will be a fun time. So if you have been interested in learning and looking at Youtube has taken you as far as you can learn, this is the next step towards opening up a new chapter in fly casting. It has allowed me to fish locations that others could not reach or imagine possible.
Only 3 spots avalable. You will meet Ron at one of the Rio Grande accesses here in town.   
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