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Antron Dubbing Dispenser #2

Antron Dubbing Dispenser #2

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Antron dubbing is a translucent trilobal fiber that adds sparkle and sheen to any fly body, and can be used by itself or blended with our dubbing material.

Antron 1 Dubbing Dispenser: Golden Stone, Light Olive, Medium Olive, Dark Olive, Hare’s Ear, Black, Cahill Cream, Sand, Hexagenia, Ginger Variant, Chocolate, Light Gray

Antron 2 Dubbing Dispenser: Blue Grass, Forrest Green, Olive Damsel, Mint, Golden Olive, Olive Dun, Charcoal Gray, Dark Stone, Rust, Medium Brown, Squirrel Belly, Golden Tan

Antron Bright Dubbing Dispenser (Steelhead): Deep Purple, Claret, Peacock Blue, Green, Highlander Green, Fl. Yellow, Chinese Red, Fl. Fire Orange, Fl. Pink, Shrimp Pink, Fl. Orange, Bright Yellow.

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