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Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Silver

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Silver

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Wapsi Bead Chain Eyes are an exceptional fly tying material, they are perfect for when you need to add eyes but you don’t need much weight. We offer Silver Bead Chain Eyes in sizes extra-small through extra-large. Each size comes with 18 inches of eyes. Bead Chain Eyes are easier to cast and wont sink as quickly as lead eyes. These would work nicely for any fly that would otherwise require lead eyes.

Wapsi Bead Chain Eyes are a popular choice for streamers and saltwater flies. They come in five different sizes:

  • extra small (5/64"),
  • small (3/32"),
  • medium (1/8"),
  • large (5/32"), 
  • extra large (3/16") 
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