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Dr. Slick Extra-Hand Fly Tweezer

Dr. Slick Extra-Hand Fly Tweezer

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One of the absolute joys of fly fishing is tying your own flies. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, we have the high quality tools to make this art form easier and more enjoyable. Most of our fly tying tools are available in several finishes. Each finish has its own unique properties and aesthetic to suit your individual taste.

Super versatile bull dog, self-closing design. Can be used for a myriad of tasks on the tying bench, but really excels on your vest or in a fly box. I keep one on a re tractor and use it to select #20 flies from my midge box and then let it hang while I repack the box. No need to transfer fly to patch. Extra Hand says it all.

  • Gold and Satin Finish
  • Self Closing
  • Available in Curved Jaw Only
  • Super Versatile
  • 2.25 inches
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