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Fly Tyer's Desk Top

Fly Tyer's Desk Top

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Everything within arm’s reach

The Fly Tyer’s Desk Top puts all of your necessary fly tying tools, cements, tinsels, wires, and threads within easy reach for immediate access. The vise pedestal (included) can be postioned on either side to accommodate both right and left handed fly tyers.


The organizer is designed by our staff of fly tyers for fly tying efficiency. The white bottom insert makes it easy to see your fly even with materials cluttered on the desk top.

The Fly Tyer’s Desk Top is constructed of solid oak and measures approximately 22″ x 18″ and is part of our Fly Furniture family of fine fly tying products.

  • Professionally designed for fly tying efficiency
  • Solid oak construction
  • Made for both right and left handed fly tyers
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