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San Juan Rodworks

Fryingpan Fly Rod

Fryingpan Fly Rod

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The Fryingpan - Medium Fast Action

We designed The Fryingpan with a medium fast action that offers the utmost in versatility. It is truly a beautiful rod that is easy to cast. This rod excels at throwing dry flies with accuracy and a delicate presentation.

Typically more forgiving than a fast action rod for those newer to the sport, this rod will generate most of its bend from approximately the half-way point of the rod to the tip, while the lower butt section will remain relatively stiff.

This rod provides great line control and accuracy and performs well over a wide range of conditions. It is perfect for those who prefer a softer feel or tend to cast with a slower tempo.

  • Medium Fast Action
  • No Fault, No Hassle Lifetime Warranty 
  • Two tip sections included
  • Embroidered 5 compartment hard shell cordura fly rod tube 
  • Blank finished in Matte Black
  • AAA half-wells cork grip
  • Gunmetal stripping and snake guides, tip and hook keeper
  • Black wrapping thread with metallic red accents
  • White alignment dots
  • 3 - 6 Weight model feature a beautiful uplocking wood reel seat with gunmet~~Unassigned~~al hardware
  • 8 Weight model features black aluminum uplocking reel seat with fighting butt
  • 3 Weight ~ 2.70 Oz Total Rod Weight
  • 4 Weight ~ 3.20 Oz Total Rod Weight
  • 5 Weight ~ 3.40 Oz Total Rod Weight
  • 6 Weight ~ 3.45 Oz Total Rod Weight
  • 8 Weight ~ 4.15 Oz Total Rod Weight
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