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Monic 101 Fly Line

Monic 101 Fly Line

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You won't find a better all-around trout fly line for a better price. The Monic 101 was designed to be the perfect all-around fly line for trout, a line that will do everything you need well and will last you through multiple seasons of fishing at a great price point. Whether you are just getting started fly-fishing or if you are a seasoned veteran, the Monic 101 will get the job done and help you catch trout in any environment you might find yourself in.


  • Weight Forward Floating 4-8 Wt
  • Freshwater & Saltwater 
  • Taper: All-Around
  • Core: Low-Moderate Stretch Braided Fiber
  • Ideal Temp Range: 90°F & Below
  •  Weight: Half-Size Above AFFTA Standard (see weight chart below)
  •  Loops: Reinforced Welded Loops on Both Ends
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