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Natures Spirit Swiss CDC Multibrush - Dubbing Brush

Natures Spirit Swiss CDC Multibrush - Dubbing Brush

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The Swiss CDC Multibrush is an easy-to-use precise fly tying dubbing tool to help you create great looking flies. The Multibrush serves a multitude of functions including brushing out fine CDC on flies with its stainless-steel front and removing larger fibers with the rear coarse serrated brush aspect.

The Swiss CDC Multibrush is comfortable in hand and weighs 27grams. This versatile tool will find use on many of your flies from large streamers to tiny nymphs. Use it to create buggy patterns and precise feather legs when just a few fibers are needed.

- The front brush is made of stainless steel and can be used like the tip of a pen to brush out fibers with precision.
- The serrated brush can be used to remove the undercoat of trapped hairs in the clamp. The serrated brush is also great for working with long fibered streamers.
- The small V-shaped cutout at the rear end, can "double" feathers for soft hackles. 
- The pointed spout at the end can be used to do all sorts of jobs that come up at the tying table.

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