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Oros 3-Pack Multi-Color Strike Indicator - MEDIUM

Oros 3-Pack Multi-Color Strike Indicator - MEDIUM

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  • Large - 1.0 inches
  • Medium - 0.8 inches
  • Small - 0.6 inches
  • X-small - .4 inches

Oros strike indicators eliminate common indicator pain points. There are no small parts to fumble and lose. It's streamlined design is centered on the line for balanced casting. There is no exposed fastening hardware or posts sticking out to create drag or tangle line.

The Soft-Lock™ design advantage

Oros strike indicators feature patent pending Soft-Lock™ technology. The design encloses fastening hardware inside of two molded soft foam hemispheres. When closed, the hardware holds the line, while the foam hemispheres compress creating friction between the two hemispheres that keeps them from disengaging. Over-sized threads make securing it to the line effortless.

Wet indicators are easier to use

Oros indicators are easier to grip and tighten down when they are wet. Water on the indicator creates more friction between your skin and the indicator. Water between the two hemispheres reduces friction between the two halves by up to 35%, making it easier to keep line in place.

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