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Outcast Power Kick Fins

Outcast Power Kick Fins

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Kick fins for float tubes and pontoon boats have always had a major problem, they are not designed for sit down use. Outcast Power Kick Fins solves this problem by molding the fin in an upright position giving the kicker more forward thrust. A side benefit is they are also easier to walk in. Not that you will take a hike in them but just getting in and out of your craft is now easier because the fin is turned up instead of flat on the ground. Everything about the Power Kick Fin is an improvement over regular strap on fins and they are more economical than other competitor models.


  • Reduces leg fatigue to keep you out on the water longer
  • V-shaped design delivers extra thrusting power with less effort
  • Curved shape scoops the water for a smoother, tighter turning radius
  • 4" heel boxes are effortless to step into
  • 1" easy-grab webbing offers quick on and off
  • Fits sizes: 5-13.
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