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Plano Edge 3700 Hook Utility Box

Plano Edge 3700 Hook Utility Box

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Protecting one of the most valuable and assets in the game, the Plano Edge Hook Utility Boxes are a great way to keep hooks sharp, corrosion/rust free, organized and accessible. These boxes have transparent lids, allowing for easy content identification, while hook slots hold jig heads, trebles, and other hooks well. A Dri-Loc O-ring seal prevents moisture, dust and other debris from entering when closed and it's easy to used one handed closure makes for easy access. A corrosion resistant Rustrictor and Water Wick tab prevents any moisture accidently let in from affecting your contents, keeping them in tip top shape and ready to use. For the angler looking to tinker with their baits or needing quick access to essential terminal tackle throughout the day, the Edge Hook Utility Boxes are a great way to keep connivence on the water

  • One Handed Opening/Closure
  • Dri-Lock Sealed Lid
  • Transparent Lid for easy Identification
  • EZ Label Identification
  • Soft Compound Mat for Hook Storage
  • Rust & Corrosion Resistant Rustrictor and Water Wick
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