SemperFli Nano Silk Pro 20D 24/0
SemperFli Nano Silk Pro 20D 24/0
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SemperFli Nano Silk Pro 20D 24/0

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Nano Silk is the best GSP thread on the market – period! Super strong, this is the highest quality thread available. Never worry about snapping your tying thread again – you can rely on Nano Silk.

Nano Silk Pro 20D is considered the professional level being the finest of the range. 20d is also known as 24/0 – that is really very small indeed! That said this baby of the Nano Silk family has all the strength you would expect from this premier thread. It is 10 times stronger than steel of the same diameter! Nano Silk Pro 20D  is fine enough for size 20 to 32 flies whilst still retaining its strength. Available in black and white, with 100 metres on each spool, if you dare, you can split this oh so fine thread further if required so dubbing on size 32 flies with split threads is a reality.!

Nano Silk Pro 20D White is designed for micro flies down to size 32, however do not be fooled, Nano Silk Pro 20D  is as strong as 8/0 polyester thread yet is less than 1/20th of the diameter. As a result it can be used for any fly where you do not want to see your thread.

You can tell you are using Nano Silk Pro 20D  as its on white spools to differentiate it from the other Nano Silks. Please remember to use a ceramic bobbin holder

Because Nano Silk lays perfectly flat you get no thread build up. Indeed check out our Youtube video where we put 100 wraps on a hook and still had no head buildup!


  • 24/0 20 denier thread
  • Breaking strain 750g / 26oz (1.65lb)
  • perfect on hook sizes 20 to 32
  • Lays perfectly flat with no build up, regardless of how many loops you put on the hook
  • 10 times stronger than steel of the same diameter


Pro Tips:
1 - 
rotate anti-clockwise to untwist and lay perfectly flat. With just 2 or 3 light wraps of Nano Silk over foam you can then tighten and tie in foams or materials that would cut easily.
2 – use white Nano Silk and simply color the last 4 inches (100mm) of thread for heads in a visible color

Not all GSP threads are the same as strength tests show. We use the highest quality materials to ensure that there are no tangles and that it produces the smoothest and strongest GSP on the market. Search for Global Fly Fisher Thread Chart to see independent evidence!.

Note: with all GSP threads including Nano Silk Pro 20D  you should always use a ceramic bobbin holder.

There are 100m / 109 yards (approx ) per spool of Nano Silk Pro 20D