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Umpqua Beginners Fly Tying Kit

Umpqua Beginners Fly Tying Kit

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Umpqua Beginners Fly Tying Kit

Umpqua Beginner Fly Tying Kits

Umpqua Beginner's Fly Tying Kits are an easy and excellent way to get started in fly tying - includes all the tools, materials and DVD instruction needed to start!  This fly tying kit includes a vise, tools, materials, sample flies and a Jack Dennis instructional DVD to use all of the materials in the kit to get started.

Included Tools
Fly Tying Vise
Hackle Pliers
Assorted Hooks
Head Cement
Sample Flies
Instructional DVD

Included Materials
Deer Body Hair
Strung Saddle Hackle
Assorted Dubbing
Calf Hair
Turkey Quill
Bucktail Pieces

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