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Zap-O Foam Safe CA+ - 0.7 oz

Zap-O Foam Safe CA+ - 0.7 oz

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Foam Safe CA Glue Zap-O Xtra - 0.7 oz (21mL) from Zap - PT-25X

It is with great pleasure that Zap Adhesives is proud to release our NEW Zap-O Xtra (PT-25X). This new CA (Cyanoacrylate) glue from Zap Adhesives is shockproof, foam safe, odorless and it does NOT need an accelerator. That is right, NO ACCELERATOR IS NEEDED to cure this multi-purpose CA.

Use Zap-O Xtra just like you would any other CA glue. Simply add a little of our Zap-O Xtra to one surface and mate it to the other. Hold the junction together for 30 seconds and you are done.

Not just for Foam. If you like building with wood, composites, plywood or spruce, Zap-O Xtra will bond woods from the soft balsa wood to hard oak. With a viscosity between Zap-CA and Zap-A-Gap, modelers will find that this is a great glue for many applications.

If you are working in a dry environment or using materials that are extra dry like some foams or open cell foams, simply add a little moisture to one side of the foam before paring them together. Some of the foams are extra dry and adding a slight bit of moisture from a spritzer or damp rag will allow the glue to grab even stronger without the need of an accelerator!


  • NO Accelerator Needed – As you have read, Zap-O Xtra does not need accelerator to cure. However, if you would like to speed things up like most of us do, our Foam Safe Accelerator can be used
  • Non-Fuming – If you are sensitive to the fumes that come from a traditional CA, you will love the new ZAP-O Xtra. No fuming means modeling without burning eyes or seeing the whisps coming off of your model when the glue cures
  • Resists moisture – This CA is great for foam boats and planes with floats. Enjoy your hobby! Zap-O Xtra has it bonded!
  • Vibration resistance – This new formulation adds additional vibration resistance without adding a rubber into your glue


  • Zap Foam Safe CA Glue Zap-O Xtra - 0.7 oz (21mL)


  • Net weight: 0.7 oz (21mL)
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